Jim Green // The Amazing Mr. G

Jim has been a professional performer for over 35 years, has appeared as "Presto The Magic Clown", "Mr. G The Magician", and other major characters.

Jim's Awarding Winning Performing Experience Includes:

- 7 years as a corporate clown for a fast food chain
- 4 years on a local t.v. children's t.v. show
- Appearing at State and Co. Fairs
- Producing and starring in a 1 1/2 hr. Touring stage show
- In constant demand for trade shows, conventions, banquets etc
- Producer of specialty shows, exhibits, and effects for museums, trade shows, etc
- Schools and college shows
- Lecturer and teacher at magic and clown conventions
- Movie credits - The Point Man, Trade Off, Magic Beach, Pippi Longstocking, and numerous corporate training films
- Magic and costume shop owner

Featured in the 2012 March Issue

of "The Linking Ring" Magazine.

The Linking Ring is published by "IBM" (International Brotherhood of Magicians), One of the MOST Prestigious Magic Magazines in the World!

The cover story is about Jim Green -- "The Amazing Mr. G." He is one of those magicians who has "done it all." It is fun to follow his career as a performer (children's parties, school shows, television, stage, corporate, etc.); as a former magic store owner he is a mentor to hundreds of young people. And, as a bonus, Jim contributed eight effects in the "One Man Parade!"