Give your meetings an added advantage with . . . Strolling Close Up Magic

Sleight of hand performed right under your nose is some of the most powerful magic known. There is no explanation, as it happens so close.

The great advantage of having mr. G's close up magic at your next function is that it is very adaptable and can be customized to suit individual requirements. It is suitable for any size group. It requires no special staging, lighting or venue.


Mr. G's stand up comedy magic act

Good clean fun for audiences of any size. Perfect for conventions, banquets, corporate functions and special events.
It features magic that is large enough for everone to see. Interactive magic is the highlight, as there are several times during the show that mr. G brings guest up to help him, which adds to the excitement. This act blends magic and comedy for a truly entertaining type of show. Mr. G has a talent for making the impossible possible, while engaging his audience with tongue-in-cheek humor.

The Big Show

Mr. G will keep people talking about you and your event for years to come! This show is for audiences of 50 to 1000 or more. A high energy show with magic, audience participation and grand illusions. The theme and length of the show can be customized to your event.

Combined close up and stand up magic act. You can combine any of the above to best suit your venue.